Sharon Stone Blasts Meryl Streep’s Overblown Hollywood Status in Bombshell Interview

Amazing. Sharon Stone has been receiving “red-pilled” recently, is this ferocious tongue-lashing against liberal Meryl Streep a byproduct of that?

Last month, in an interview that just reappeared in a viral tweet, Sharon Stone, the actress smashed out at Hollywood legend Meryl Streep’s icon status, expressing that others are “equally as talented.”

In an interview, Stone was requested to tell what it was like to “finally” got the chance to work with Streep when they co-starred in Netflix’s The Laundromat. She responded by calling out the odd terminology of the query and suggesting Streep hadn’t been waiting for the prospect to “finally” work with Stone.

“… That’s the way her life went, she got built up to be, ‘Everyone wants to work with Meryl,’” Stone explained to Everything Zoomer. “I wonder if she likes that?”

“The business was set up that we should all envy and admire Meryl because only Meryl got to be the good one. And everyone should compete against Meryl,” she added. “I think Meryl is an amazingly wonderful woman and actress. But in my opinion, quite frankly, there are other actresses equally as talented as Meryl Streep. The whole Meryl Streep iconography is part of what Hollywood does to women.”

Stone continued discussing the several other actresses, counting Viola Davis, Emma Thompson, Judy Davis, Olivia Colman, and Kate Winslet.

“But you say Meryl and everybody fall on the floor,” Stone said, asserting that she’s “a much better villain than Meryl and I’m sure she’d say so.”

“Meryl was not gonna be good in Basic Instinct or Casino,” she said, referring to two of her most famous films in which she played shady characters. “I would be better. And I know it. And she knows it. But we’re all set up to think that only Meryl is so amazing that when you say her name it must have been amazing for me to work with her.”

The stated, Stone further said that all women are considered as “the queen of something.” She trusts that Streep is praised as a queen for her acting skills, while Stone herself as “the Queen of Smut.”

“We’re all doing our jobs. Everybody gets to get better, and everybody gets to sometimes have that not great a day,” Stone concluded. “Even … Meryl.”

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