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Meghan Markle’s memoir wouldn’t be as ‘interesting’ as Harry’s, friend confesses

Royal author Omid Scobie, known for his recent book “Endgame” which examines the British monarchy, shared his thoughts on the potential for a Meghan Markle memoir. In a Newsweek interview, he suggested that a memoir from Meghan might not be as compelling as Prince Harry’s due to her more “curated” public image.

Scobie, who has closely followed the royal family, acknowledged the ongoing speculation about Meghan possibly writing her memoir, especially following Prince Harry’s four-book deal with Random House. Despite these rumors, Scobie expressed reservations about the level of candidness Meghan might offer in such a book.

He emphasized that for a memoir to resonate with readers, the author needs to present a fully human and transparent portrayal. This involves being open, even embarrassingly so, to paint a true picture of oneself, beyond the polished image of a public figure. Scobie contrasted this with Prince Harry’s approach, describing Harry as inherently candid, which he believes would make his memoir inherently more interesting.

Scobie’s latest book, “Endgame,” has not been without its controversies. A particular issue arose with the Dutch version, rumored to name individuals who had concerns about Harry and Meghan’s children, Archie and Lilibet. Scobie defended his work, clarifying that he only worked on and edited the English version and was not responsible for any translation errors.

A translator for the book claimed to have received a draft copy including two names, further fueling the controversy. Scobie, however, maintained that no version he produced contained any names.

The discussion around Harry and Meghan extends beyond their literary endeavors. Royal commentator Louise Roberts, speaking on Sky News Australia, critiqued the couple’s public relations strategy and their ventures with companies like Netflix. Roberts suggested that their approach, which includes distancing from the royal family and creating controversy, has been counterproductive to establishing a positive and influential presence in Hollywood.

This commentary reflects the ongoing public and media scrutiny surrounding Harry and Meghan, both for their projects and as a couple navigating life post-royalty.

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