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Brave Toddler’s Fight Against Leukemia Inspires Parents to Reschedule Wedding, Featuring Little Hero as Flower Girl

The parents of a previously ‘happy, content’ little girl were alarmed when she refused to walk, opting to crawl instead. This unusual behavior marked the onset of a devastating illness that left 20-month-old Molly Hopkins battling for her life.

Nadia Hopkins, 33, and fiancé Lewis Burnett, 32, grew concerned when Molly developed a limp in September 2022. Tests revealed the heartbreaking news that Molly had leukemia, prompting the couple to cancel their wedding plans and focus on her treatment.

Before the diagnosis, Molly exhibited no common signs of leukemia, according to Nadia, who works as a nurse. Despite initially attributing Molly’s limp to a viral infection affecting her hips, doctors discovered a fracture in her femur bone through an X-ray when her condition worsened.

Molly’s leg failed to heal, prompting further tests. A blood sample taken in November 2022 revealed the devastating diagnosis—acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Molly began chemotherapy and underwent a bone marrow biopsy confirming the rare blood cancer that starts in white blood cells, told NeedToKnow.

Nadia expressed the shock and devastation felt by the family, describing the moment their world crashed. Molly, at only 22 months old, embarked on a challenging journey of treatment, spending her second birthday and Christmas in the hospital.

Despite the grueling treatment, Molly has displayed remarkable resilience and positivity, waking up each day with a smile. Nadia acknowledged the distressing experience for the family but emphasized Molly’s strength and determination.

Molly, currently in the maintenance part of her treatment, has made significant progress, astonishing her family. Inspired by Molly’s resilience, Nadia and Lewis decided to rebook their wedding, initially postponed from March 2023. Molly, set to be nearly two years into her treatment with six months left, eagerly anticipates being the flower girl at her parents’ wedding, scheduled for October 2024.

Nadia shared her pride in Molly’s journey and the joy of seeing their “beautiful special princess” overcoming challenges. The family remains hopeful as Molly continues her fight against cancer.

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