The Truth Behind John Legend and Chrissy ‘$150M Divorce Shocker’!

Chrissy Teigen has come under fire for the debatable tweets of her past, different rumors are in the air regarding the divorce of John Legend. A source claimed this week that the musician had enough of his model wife’s lies and that their union was hanging by a thread. So, the Gossip Cop probes. 

This week, Star’s cover story claims Legend “can’t accept being bullied and humiliated.” About her recent scandal, one unidentified insider told the magazine, “John had the patience of a saint. He loves her but their relationship is being stressed to the max. Without a doubt, this is the biggest test of their marriage.”

Refer to a likely alcohol requirement and Teigen’s public and heartbreaking miscarriage last year, the outlet noted how devoted Legend has been to his wife and family over the years and speculated that if the model had not stopped drinking the marriage would have ended.

In the recent incident, the article plays up Legend’s calm conduct, with the secret source claiming friends of the EGOT winner are cheering him up to take a break from the marriage. “There are some people who wonder how and why he puts up with Chrissy and all her drama,” the insider says. Along with other claims, it ends the article venturing the couple will take a break. The outlet says that Legend could end up taking the kids, classifying the two as “Miles, 5, and three-year-old Luna.”

The important thing to be noticed in the magazine is the ages mentioned of Teigen’s children are wrong. Miles is 3 years old and Luna is 5, not the other way around. Well, if the basics are wrong then how come other things go well with the rest of the article.  

John Legend knew nothing of his wife’s Twitter history or that he would be astonished by it is untrue. The article even cites (admittedly mean) tweets of Teigen’s from as far back as 2011, when the couple was engaged. For him not to know that side of her is very unlikely. 

Moreover, how Star know about what goes on behind closed doors at the Teigen/Legend household? The argument is not supported by the social media post since publicly apologizing on May 12. Her husband has been tweeting but mainly about The Voice and the occasional photo of one of his kids. On June 5, Legend posted an Instagram photo of his wife, mother-in-law, and daughter posing at Luna’s dance recital.

He and Teigen seemed to be united with the caption, “So proud of our little dancer,” but not much else can be interpreted from the photo. The gossipcop wind up by saying that Star or any of its affiliated publications lied about Teigen and Legend’s relationship in the last month.

Last month, the National Enquirer claimed the model was exhibiting mood swings and clingy behavior with her husband in the wake of the scandal. Last week, In Touch falsely reported Legend was so disappointed with his wife’s behavior that he was considering a $150 million divorce. These bits aren’t publishing the truth.

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