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Who asked Meghan Markle to stay with the royal family

The Dukes of Sussex declared independence and decided to make their own money.

Only one member of the royal family tried to stop Meghan Markle and Prince Harry from breaking up with the royal family when they decided to declare their independence and desire to “make money” outside the royal court.

Camilla, wife of Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall, advised Megan to focus on the positive aspects of her marriage and “ride out the storm” so as not to make hasty decisions. Camilla was sure that Markle would still “taste” the royal life, writes Express.

The publication notes that Camilla at one time faced the negativity and hostility of the courtiers because of her relationship with Prince Charles before her divorce from Diana. That is why she tried to support her daughter-in-law.

However, the Dukes of Sussex did not heed the advice, and then gave a scandalous interview to Oprah, in which they talked about “overcoming” the hardships of life at court.

Earlier, Megan’s haters had another reason for hatred – footage of Markle’s candid photo session, made during the filming of the actress in Force Majeure, leaked to the Network. Fragments of the turbulent past of the Duchess were not to the taste of many.-freenews

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