5 Tips to Improve Your Looks in Twenty Minutes

Vanity has several misconceptions associated with it. People think that it is a time consuming and tedious effort but not necessarily so.

One should be aware about the quick and sudden beauty techniques that would come in handy whenever you want to add a new touch or just enhance your look. Just by doing some grooming with your hair, face, nails, etc., you can improve your looks. Here are 5 tips to improve your looks in twenty minutes.

  1. Mini-clean up at home

Just by getting a quick face clean up at home, your skin would glow and you would get an enhanced look.

Use a cleansing milk or lotion to get rid of the dirt stuck to your skin and then use an exfoliating scrub suitable for your skin type to cleanse the pores and scrub out the black heads.

Then rinse your face, dry it and apply a face pack and wash it off once it’s dried. Within 20 minutes, you will feel refreshed and will get clean and glowing skin.

  1. Quick makeup

To improve your look quickly the easiest option would be to apply some basic makeup. First, clean your face well and apply a moisturizer according to your skin type.

Apply white eye shadow on the upper end of your eyelid, then apply a neutral shade or a color complementing your skin and outfit on your central eyelid. Apply kohl and eyeliner to accentuate your eyes. Finally, apply lipstick or chapstick of your desired shade.

  1. Play with your hairdo

If you do some quick and new hairstyle, it becomes very noticeable and improves your looks instantly. Do a quick tie up, a loose braid, a fish bone braid, a different partition of your hair, etc. You could add some add-ons or hair accessories like embellished clips, head bands, etc.

  1. Clean and groom your nails

Clean off the old nail polish that you have applied properly or if it has chipped off. Apply hand cream and foot cream and massage for a few minutes. Remove the dirt from the edges of the nails and just do basic filing. Grooming your nails is a very important part of enhancing your beauty.

  1. Blow, straighten, curl

To get an improved look in twenty minutes you could choose to blow dry, straighten, or add some curls to your hair. Blow dry would give your hair volume and bounce, get a lustrous straight look by simply ironing your crown area and flicks, and add a few curls with a curling iron and flaunt your look


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