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Toddler Endures Severe Burns with ‘Skin Peeling Away’ After Accidental Coffee Spill

After her toddler sustained severe burns from a coffee spill, a mother issued a heartfelt warning to other parents about the dangers of hot beverages around children.

Laura Hitchings described the harrowing incident where her son, Arthur, suffered third-degree burns when a cup of hot coffee spilled onto him. The event occurred when Laura momentarily left the room, and during her brief absence, Arthur, using a stool, accidentally tipped the pot over himself.

Rushing back at the sound of his screams, Laura found her two-year-old son’s skin severely scalded. Acting quickly, she doused him with cold water from a garden tap and immediately called emergency services. Arthur was subsequently taken to a burns unit where he underwent a lengthy procedure to remove the affected skin. Days later, an infection led to the need for a skin graft, as par source of The SUN.

While Arthur has made a remarkable recovery from the trauma, Laura emphasizes the emotional scars left on the family. She recalls the horror vividly, “His burns looked like a scene from a horror movie, with his skin practically melting away.” Haunted by the memories of the accident and feeling guilt for having prepared the coffee, Laura is determined to raise awareness about the hazards hot drinks pose to children.

She urged parents to be cautious, stating, “Accidents can happen in seconds. When I see hot beverages near young kids, my heart skips a beat.” As a preventive measure, Laura recommends parents with young children always use lidded cups for their hot drinks.

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