3 Years Old Boy
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Three-Year-Old Boy Battles Fear of Eating, Hasn’t Consumed Food in Over a Year

Three-year-old Oliver Taylor from Pensby, Merseyside, faces a daily struggle unlike any other child his age—he hasn’t eaten any food in more than a year due to a profound fear of eating. Diagnosed with avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) and also being autistic, Oliver has been clinically malnourished and dehydrated since he was two. To sustain him, he has been dependent on a gastrostomy tube for his nutrition, which delivers food directly to his stomach for 14 hours each day.

Olivers parents
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Oliver’s parents, Emma and Matty Taylor, are on a mission to shed light on ARFID, a condition characterized by a high level of anxiety about food, which is not driven by concerns over body image or an intention to lose weight. Their goal is to foster a better understanding of ARFID to ensure that children like Oliver can receive the appropriate support and care they need.

Oliver Taylor from Pensby
Photo by AOL

Despite the challenges, the Taylor family remains hopeful. Oliver’s story is not just about the struggles with ARFID and autism; it’s about a family’s unwavering love and commitment to overcoming obstacles.

Matty Taylor is taking his advocacy to the streets by participating in the Liverpool Half Marathon to raise awareness and funds for ARFID Awareness UK and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, demonstrating the lengths to which parents will go to support their children facing unique challenges.

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