Prince William and Prince Harry’s Relationship

The Crown Reinforces Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ Status, Focusing on William, Notes Royal Expert

The recent season of “The Crown” has further emphasized Prince Harry’s perceived secondary role within the royal family, particularly about his older brother, Prince William, according to royal commentator Tessa Dunlop. In her assessment, the series highlights the difference in the attention and responsibilities placed on William compared to Harry.

Dunlop notes that in this season of the popular Netflix series, William is given more prominence. He is depicted as being actively involved in significant events following Princess Diana’s death, such as an investigation by the Metropolitan Police, while Harry is less visible in these storylines. She points out that this portrayal reflects the real-life dynamics where William, being the older sibling and heir to the throne, received more focus.

According to Dunlop, the series accurately depicts the royal institution’s greater attention on William due to his direct line to the throne, portraying him as more serious and engaged in royal duties. In contrast, Harry is shown as more lighthearted and in the background, reinforcing his “spare” status within the family, As reported by GB News.

Dunlop further elaborates on this theme in her conversation with OK! magazine. She suggests that the series portrays Harry as overshadowed and possibly feeling neglected or angry due to his secondary role. This portrayal in “The Crown” aligns with the public perception of the different paths the brothers have taken and the distinct roles they occupy within the royal family.

It’s important to remember that “The Crown” blends historical fact with dramatization and creative interpretation. The series has sparked discussions about its depiction of the royal family’s internal dynamics, especially about sensitive topics like the relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry.

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