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Prince Harry Almost Didn’t Make It To His UK Flight Because of a Police Chase [REPORT]

Prince Harry was spotted arriving at the Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday evening where he took off for the UK.

The 36-year-old Duke of Sussex is expected to attend the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue in Kensington Palace.

But there was a terrifying moment that happened just before he was about to leave the US temporarily.

According to Page Six, Prince Harry’s arrival at LAX coincided with a driver that broke through a fence at a cargo facility at around 6 pm. It later led the police to chase the driver down before detaining him.

Reports said that there were no injuries during the entire thing, but two runaways in LAX were shut down when the chase started to unfold with the Duke of Sussex almost not making it to the UK.

A video of the incident showed that there were a ton of police in the airport to hunt the rogue driver down.

However, it’s unclear what the driver’s motive was or if the break-in was an attempt to reach a flight or a person who is currently at the airport.

45 minutes after the chase ended, Prince Harry departed for the trip where he will be joining his older brother Prince William for the event which is scheduled for July 1, on what would be their late mother’s 60th birthday.

Once he touches UK soil, he will have to undergo a mandatory five-day quarantine before joining the Duke of Cambridge for the event that would honor their mother.

It will also be the first time Prince Harry and Prince William have reunited since Prince Philip’s funeral in April.

The two brothers are expected to preside in a significantly reduced gathering that featured only a few guests, including some of Princess Diana’s relatives from the Spencer side.

They initially planned to welcome about 100 guests, including some of the late Princess of Wales’ friends, supporters, and former staff, however, because of the pandemic, they were forced to rethink their plans.

These guests, however, have been told that a new date for a larger ceremony will take place in September.

As of writing, it’s unclear who will be the attendees of next Thursday’s event.

According to The Sun, Prince Harry has no plans to attend the Princess Diana unveiling event and reportedly has no plans to see his youngest son, Prince Harry.

A palace insider revealed to the outlet that the Prince of Wales will be away at his Scottish estate during next week’s event.

They claimed, “Charles has made it quite clear he will not be around…because he is going to Scotland. There is no planned meeting between the three of them.”

Prince Harry will most likely stay in Frogmore Cottage in Windsor while in the UK.

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