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Jennifer Aniston IMAGINES a quarantine episode of Friends; Reveals THIS character would have broken the rules

Ever since Friends: The Reunion released, it has been difficult for fans to shake off its hangover and the lead cast of the show is making sure to tease them more with even bigger revelations. In a recent interview, Jennifer Aniston imagined what a Friends episode on the pandemic lockdown would have looked like.

The actress shared her guess on what the characters would have been up to in quarantine and would they still be making their regular coffee errands. Revealing how Rachel (Aniston), Monica (Courteney Cox), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), Ross (David Schwimmer), Joey (Matt LeBlanc), and Chandler (Matthew Perry) would have spent their quarantine, Jennifer admitted that the group would have continued to hang out together as she spoke to Today. 

Adding further on how their characters would have kept themselves entertained, Aniston suggested, “The boys would have figured out a game to play — the one where they didn’t have to drop a ball for how many days”, via Today.

Considering that quarantining comes with a lot of rules, Jennifer also mentioned the one character who was likely to break the rules. Stating that their characters would have clapped for the hospital workers and also strictly stayed indoors, the one exception could be Phoebe. “Maybe not Phoebe so much, because she was a free spirit”, said Aniston. 

Like every episode on the show that had all the six characters hanging out together, Aniston believes that amid lockdown too, they would “be in each other’s pods.” She added, “So as long as they saw each other, which, well, that’s easy.

So we would have Ross’s apartment to go to, we would have Phoebe’s apartment to go to, Rachel and Monica’s, and Joey and Chandler’s. So you have four locations so that they wouldn’t go crazy”, via Today.  As for the coffee duty, Aniston stated that it would have been everyone’s duty to make the coffee runs to Central Perk. 

Hearing Aniston’s amazing idea about what a quarantine episode would look like, we bet fans are already getting hopeful to see the actors reunite again, this time for an actual special episode of the show. 

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