Does Prince Harry Struggling In The Marriage With Actress Meghan?

The new rumor is wandering around that ‘Prince Harry trapped in an unhappy marriage to Meghan Markle’. The Gossip Cop intervened.

As per the newest edition of New Idea, Prince Harry is expected to the vocal against his family during interviews because he is struggling hard in Los Angeles from the world. The tabloids inside source elucidate, “Being ripped away from one’s family with so much unsettled business that would cause drama for anyone. Add that in with Harry and Meghan’s relentless interviews and you have a recipe for disaster.”

The insider augments, “He is always grinding that axe about his family, who are keeping up a stoic silence. It appears he is a fish out of water in America. He’s lost touch with his family and lifelong friends, and the longer he stays estranged from them all, the more he loses himself.” Then the source contends, “His comments and attitude are all feeling very one-sided — which no-one would say is they believed he was truly happy.”

The tabloid quoted a former royal protection officer who thinks, “now stuck in LA, what happens when the Hollywood trappings run dry? Will the palace welcome back their prince? Of course — with or without his wife.” The officer then suggests Harry only left his royal duties at the behest of Markle. “His choices were limited, and there was that fear of losing his new bride … in my opinion, he decided to jump! And it’s a jump I feel he will come to regret.”

Thus, is it true Harry is struggling to adjust to his life outside the royal family? Well! It seems untrue! Despite the article’s shocking title — “Body Guard Tells All Inside Their Toxic Marriage” — the article doesn’t carry any supportive argument or proof.  The magazine got news from different sources, neither of which are said to own any intimate information of the Sussexes’ individual lives.

Also, the tabloid ignored what Prince Harry has been saying. Recently, during interviews, Harry shared how he felt imprisoned by his royal duties and dreaded for the safety of his family. He also showed support to the therapy and has stimulated men to be expressive in their emotions. So, with all these revelations, it is fantasy to think that Markle has forced him into leaving his family and has since kept him quiet about his true feelings. In thefashioncentral’s opinion, it is a poor attempt of propaganda against Meghan Markle.

New Idea isn’t trustworthy regarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It also claimed that police were called to the Sussexes’ residence after an “explosive fight.” It also said Harry “begging” the queen for forgiveness so he can arrive home. It crossed all limits when claimed Markle was planning another major “bombshell” interview

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