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Prince Charles Is Mad At Meghan Claiming ‘She Has Spent All My Money

Year 2020 was not so easy for Harry and Meghan since they decided to quit the royal duties and royal family last January. However, one tabloid reported that the couple fled economic trouble after challenging Prince Charles‘ pocketbook.

The Woman’s Day features a photo and made a cover story of Prince Charles pointing to Harry and Meghan and reads “Charles’ Fury: ‘She Spent All My Money!’” After 35 years of spending and caring for Prince Harry financially, Prince Charles’ support of his youngest son is hovering alarms from palace insiders. A

After already racking up an $80 million bill in the two years before leaving the royal family, Harry and Meghan seemingly got Charles to pay for their $10 million a year security detail after they moved away from the UK and didn’t receive the police protection they expected. “The rug was pulled from under them. They had to ask Charles to step in,” a source said.

Seemingly, Queen Elizabeth is not acute on the idea of her family being alleged as stealers “and her grandson and his wife have been exposed to be the very definition of that by going cap in hand to Charles for money while they’re living in the lap of luxury in a mansion they’re not paying for in Beverly Hills,” said another equally secret source. “It has made Charles look like a right old duffer, especially as the queen and William were hoping Charles would be the one to make Harry see his behavior and Meghan’s expectations were patently absurd.”

“Harry might think he’s sitting pretty in Hollywood, but these new stories about him hoovering Charles’ funds is causing big rumblings in the palace,” a royal tipster concluded. “Charles may find that he is overridden — that is if he doesn’t see sense soon and cut Harry and Meghan off himself to save face.”

Since Harry and Meghan appeared in an interview with Oprah in March, new details were shown about the couple’s exit and possible financial situation. On the revelations on Harry to Winfrey, they both were already cut off from royal funds and security detail in March when Canada went into lockdown, forcing the couple to flee to the United States and ultimately stay at Tyler Perry’s house with their son, Archie.

Prince Charles was not only the one who prevent their security, and there’s no evidence of him secretly paying for the couple’s American security either. His daughter-in-law has nothing to do with his pocketbook, period.

According to, Harry and Markle have reinforced themselves using the legacy the late Princess Diana set aside for him and by creating Archewell Inc., a non-profit and media organization. The royal couple isn’t the first time criticized. In January, Woman’s Day stated that Harry and Meghan were “broke and desperate” between current legal fees and their pricey new mortgage payment.

Last August, the outlet wrote one more story about how the couple’s struggle, saying their use of Tyler Perry’s home was for financial, not security, reasons. In October 2020, Woman’s Day straight up accused Harry and Meghan of theft $35 million from the royal family. Well! This story is fabricated ridiculously and shouldn’t be trusted.

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