A Resurfaced Magazine Cover Showed Melania Trump From Her Modeling Days And Conservatives Don’t Have Any Room To Talk

Did the Repugs leave their conservative outrage at home for this one?

According to the report, Former First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump, got her ticket to ride (i.e., her green card, the Einstein version, no less, which is supposed to be reserved for individuals with astronomical talents) purportedly based upon her assumed expert-level knack for modeling.

She fought a lot during her modeling days and couldn’t seem to hold down many gigs or land any of the positively big ones which eventually led the future First Lady to do some pretty crude, risqué shoots to keep the bills paid.

However, multiple reports over the years have shown that she wasn’t that great at it. Plus, unfortunately for our retinas, they just keep leaping up from time to time.Back in 2002, when Melania Knauss and Donald Trump were an on again off thing and the Slovenian-born foreigner was still fighting to bring home the bacon as a model,

The future First Lady was chosen by New York Magazine to appear on the front cover of their Valentine’s Day edition, “Singles” in which, Donald Trump’s sometimes-girlfriend can be seen yielding an evaporating, passionate kiss with a firefighter. Former First Lady’s lady bits can already be found in less than a few clicks on the world wide web.

Although, the most recent of past Melania shoots to resurface is one we here at Political Tribune have never seen before and one that I’d be willing to bet Donald wasn’t all that inspired about. Supposedly, the photographer, Firooz Zahedi, brought his influence from the infamous Alfred Eisenstaedt photograph representing a sailor who seized up a nurse and started a kiss on her in the middle of Times Square on V-J Day.Reports show that Zahedi meant to admire first responders affected in the 9/11 attack with the magazine cover.

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