Royal Family ‘Gobsmacked’ After Meghan Markle Told Queen Elizabeth ‘You’ll Never See Archie Again’?

Is Meghan Markle filing a secret lawsuit that would forbid Queen Elizabeth from ever seeing Archie? That was one tabloid’s story this time last year.  Twelve months ago, New Idea reported Meghan Markle was launching a “ludicrous” top-secret lawsuit in the name of protecting Archie’s privacy. The lawsuit in question would be filed in Archie’s name against the paparazzi agency Splash News.

According to a palace source, the rest of the royal family was horrified by the move. The insider spilled that the whole ordeal was “being seen as Meghan and Harry’s way of insinuating that Archie is theirs and no one else gets to have a word. At this rate, the queen wonders whether she’ll even see Archie again.”

The insider went on, “The boy is 1 and he can’t even speak,” adding, “so the idea of him filing a lawsuit just comes across as ridiculous!” Although the suit was allegedly filed in March of 2020, the news only just broke last summer.

According to the source, “It really is a historical moment, and, the queen fears, not in a good way.” The insider added that “the queen is the first to admit the royals need a good working relationship with the media,” and, “This goes to show Meghan is blatantly ignoring her.”

So, first of all, this lawsuit has never existed. The tabloid is completely right that filing a lawsuit in Archie’s name is ludicrous — so ludicrous that it never even happened. No reputable source ever reported on the alleged lawsuit, and no further developments have come out in the year since this story dropped.

It’s likely the magazine was inspired by Markle and Prince Harry’s previous lawsuit against Splash News. In 2019, the Sussexes sued the paparazzi agency for taking invasive aerial photos of their home. The couple won and received a substantial payout from the organization. So, why would they be suing the outlet again?

Furthermore, the tabloid fails to explain how such a lawsuit would be keeping the queen from seeing Archie. These claims, both false, are entirely unrelated to one another. Unless the queen has some ties to Splash News the public is unaware of, such a lawsuit likely wouldn’t affect her in the slightest. Furthermore, the alleged lawsuit would hardly be the first of its kind.

With the Sussexes’ previous lawsuit against Splash News in addition to a successful one against Mail on Sunday, the alleged lawsuit wouldn’t count as groundbreaking — Kate Middleton even threatened to sue another British tabloid for false claims against her. In reality, the queen met her great-granddaughter, named Lilibet Diana in honor of her, soon after she was born, so there’s no reason to believe that the queen won’t see her young great-grandkids again.

It’s no secret that New Idea doesn’t think highly of Meghan Markle. The outlet has launched multiple attacks against her character in the past. Earlier this year, the tabloid reported Markle was in a “fury” over secret tapes of Princess Diana.

Then, the outlet alleged it had obtained “secret texts” between Markle and her friend. And more recently, the magazine claimed Markle was planning yet another bombshell interview. Obviously, New Idea will say anything to make Meghan Markle look bad.

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