Is Prince Harry Secretly Met Ex-Girlfriend While In The UK Visit?

Prince Harry doesn’t have a long list of ex-girlfriends. But one that remains in limelight is the Cressida Bonas. This week, Gossip Cop investigated the story.

Woman’s Day’s recent edition claims that Meghan Markle was worried about Prince Harry’s return to the UK a little extra than the family strained relationship. The report claimed, Markle was also anxious about Harry being so close to his ex-girlfriend, Cressida Bonas. Harry stayed at Princess Eugenie while back in London, and Markle knows that Eugenie’s best friend is Bonas.

A source explains to the tabloid, “Cressida is often over at Eugenie’s, a fact which can’t have escaped Meghan’s attention,” adding, “I bet her mind is running wild with the suggestion that Harry and Cressida could meet up at Frogmore without Meghan ever knowing, given she’s back in California.” The source says that Markle isn’t the first time being worried about Harry’s relationship with Bonas.

The insider added, Harry pursued Bonas while experiencing the stress of his looming wedding to Markle. The source rolls up, “He vanished for a bit and no one could find him for a couple of hours. Rumour has it he went to see Cressy get some perspective. He has always valued her opinion — she’s such a cool, calm spirit. It’s probably not something he ever told Meghan about.” The outlet wraps by mentioning Harry felt a “pang” of longing when he heard Bonas had gotten married in 2020.

Well, Harry jumped at the opening to reunite with Bonas while remaining at Frogmore Cottage? We doubt it. To begin with, the tabloid only claims Markle was uncomfortable when Harry gets close to Bonas, but that isn’t what the cover said. The magazine had a tagline that insisted Harry and Bonas had a “secret meeting” and if a poorly photoshopped picture of them walking together. The source tried to fabricate a story and make a piece of news to it from the start.

At that moment, how is anyone to believe one source has knowledge of both Markle’s intimate fears and secret meetings Harry had with Bonas that he never told Markle about. It seems like this is untrue. And lastly, why would Harry be meeting up with Bonas at this point in life? He and Markle just welcomed their first daughter and their second baby to the world, a point the tabloid selected to neglect completely, so why precisely would Harry be irritating to wire up with his ex? This report is so like fiction.

Woman’s Day has always proved a bogus source when it comes to the Sussexes. At the start of 2021, the outlet said Harry was becoming a “stay-at-home dad” so Markle could chase her political drives. Then the tabloid supposed Harry was coming back to London to get revenge. Recently, the magazine stated Markle was anxious Harry would leave her alone with children after his trip to the UK and she begged him to stay. The outlet is no buff on the pair.

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