Meghan Markle shunned by Queen Elizabeth over ‘laughable commercial deals’

Meghan Markle was eyeing to bag a number of commercial deals even before Megxit, which were all shunned down by Queen Elizabeth. 

According to royal biographer Lady Colin Campbell, Meghan and Harry were trying to secure commercial deals even before stepping down as senior royals. 

Lady C, who has penned Meghan and Harry: The Real Story, toldthe Daily Star, “Some of the commercial deals I heard of were laughable. I thought there is no way the Royal Family can agree to this.”

“Meghan was cutting a swathe through Harry’s social life, she didn’t approve of this, she didn’t approve of that, she is an operator.”

She went on to add that Meghan’s tiff with the royal family began just four days after royal wedding with Harry.

The Royal Family – and especially the Queen – would not allow the couple to profit from the fact they were royalty, she added.

“You have to remember, to be in the Royal Family, to be a member of the monarchy, you have to be above politics and commerce, otherwise it is perceived to not be neutral, and it has to be neutral, to represent the country you have to be neutral,” Lady C said.

This is the reason the royal couple were only able to strike a deal with Netflix after bidding farewell to the royal family. 

The humungous contract with the streaming giant is reportedly worth around $100 million.

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