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Meghan Markle Accused of Using Prince Harry for Fame and Fortune as Experts Cast Doubt on Marriage Longevity

Graydon Carter, the Canadian former editor of Vanity Fair, has unleashed a storm of criticism on the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, suggesting she has extracted all she desired from her marriage to Prince Harry, predicting a grim forecast for the couple’s union.

During his recent visit to the UK, Carter, aged 74, conveyed his biting assessment of the Duchess to The Sunday Times. He articulated a bleak future for the royal couple’s marriage, indicating that its longevity would be measured in years, not decades. Carter insinuated that Meghan Markle had successfully maneuvered to achieve her ambitions at the expense of Prince Harry.

“I believe that Meghan has maneuvered her way to achieve the notoriety, money, and title she desired, and as each day passes, Harry’s utility to her wanes,” Carter stated emphatically.

The severity of Carter’s analysis extended beyond their marital prospects, delving into Meghan’s professional life. He cast doubt on her acting career revival, boldly dismissing the possibility and instead quipping about her fitting role in a hypothetical reality show, “If there is a Real Housewives of Montecito show in the works, she’d be a shoo-in,” Carter remarked.

This is not the first instance of the couple facing stringent public scrutiny. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been the subjects of intense criticism, particularly after their usage of private jets came to light. This action was perceived as hypocritical by many, as the couple had previously voiced their concerns about climate change and the pressing need for environmental action.

Prince Harry, who has been vocal in advocating for climate awareness and has made public declarations urging for change, even launched Travalyst, an initiative aimed at promoting sustainable tourism. This endeavor, however, has been overshadowed by the couple’s private jet controversy, raising questions about the authenticity of their environmental advocacy.

The commentary from Carter and the continued scrutiny in the press underlines the intense observation and pressure faced by the Sussexes. Their actions and lifestyle choices remain under a microscope, provoking debate and commentary on the sincerity of their public statements versus their private decisions. As they navigate this public terrain, the couple’s response and adjustment to such critiques will likely continue to be a topic of media fascination and public interest.

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