Meghan faces US backlash after telling Queen ‘where to stick crown’

Royal expert Daniela Elser said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived in the US when their brand was at its peak. The couple had told the monarch “where she could stick her crown” which the Americans have a “penchant” for, according to Ms Elser.

But the royal expert said Meghan and Harry’s “novelty value” is “no longer quite what it once might have been” in the US after more than a year of the pandemic.

Writing for, Ms Elser said: “When they landed in Los Angeles in March last year their value as a highly bankable, rare commodity was peaking. Their brand was on the ascendant.

They’d told the sovereign where she could stick her crown, something Americans have had a penchant for since the War of Independence and were eager to make a name for themselves in the commercial world.

“But, their arrival in the US collided with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, snuffing out a lot of the momentum around their arrival in the States.

“They might have been ready and open for business but the nation was not.

“Fast forward to this year and with the US reopening and life returning to normal and something of the novelty value of a real-life Duke and Duchess in Tinseltown’s midst is no longer quite what it once might have been.”

Harry and Meghan quit royal duties in March 2020 and are now living in California.

Princess Beatrice’s engagement ring has special links to the Queen and Meghan Markle.

Beatrice’s engagement ring, designed by jeweller Shaun Leane, is currently estimated to be worth up to £140,000.

The band is similar to the Queen’s engagement ring, which also has an Art Deco design flanked by diamond pearls.

Beatrice’s ring also has a connection to the Duchess of Sussex, as the diamonds in both their engagement bands are sourced from Botswana.

Prince William ensured he went incognito at university by using a different name.

On completing his A-levels, the Duke of Cambridge began life as an undergraduate at St Andrews University in 2001.

By all accounts, William wanted to blend in with the crowd and was keen not to draw attention to his royal status.

So he reportedly decided to go by the name of “Steve” in an effort to conceal his blue blood heritage.

Sarah Ferguson has spoken candidly about being a mother and the “mistakes” she has made to “clear the way” for her daughters.

The Duchess told People magazine: “I’m self-deprecating and British. But [one thing] is I’m a really good mum.

“And I’m a good mom because, in growing up, when the girls used to say, ‘Why can’t we do that?’

“I would say, ‘Well, I’ve already made those mistakes. The world’s press has written about my mistakes, so you don’t need to make them now. So I’ve gone ahead of you to clear the way so that you can dream and grow and be who you are.’”

Meghan Markle’s new co-producer has revealed his excitement about joining forces with her for their upcoming Netflix project.

Elton John’s husband David Furnish wrote on Instagram: “I am delighted that we are finally able to announce this exciting animated series.

“Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex and I are deeply passionate about bringing the inspirational and positive stories of extraordinary women from around the world to a global audience of all ages.

“The team collaborating on the series are first class, and @netflix are the perfect partner.”

The Royal Family is understood to have a secret way of indicating disapproval, a royal expert has claimed.

Writing in Philip: The Final Portrait, author Gyles Brandreth said: “From my observation of them, the members of this family are masters of the art of saying nothing.

“Sometimes they do it to protect themselves. Sometimes they do it to indicate that a conversation is at an end. Often they do it to indicate disapproval.”

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