Kim Kardashian REVEALS how she struggled with agoraphobia after 2016 Paris robbery

Kim Kardashian in the recent promo clip of Keeping Up With the Kardashians spoke about facing PTSD following the 2016 Paris robbery and how it got worse during the pandemic quarantine. In the promo of the show’s recent episode, Kim can be seen discussing with Khloe Kardashian that she feels like she faced “agoraphobia” after the robbery incident.

During their interaction, Kim also informs Khloe how the pandemic quarantine has increased her anxiety when it comes to stepping out and clicking pictures with fans. While talking to Khloe, Kim explained in the clip as per E!, “I feel like I had agoraphobia definitely after my robbery in Paris.

Like definitely would stay in, hated to go out, I didn’t want anybody to know where I was and didn’t want to be seen.” The SKIMS founder further added how the pandemic lockdown further added to her fears.

“I felt I was just getting back into it, I had just gone to Paris, just started traveling and then quarantine happened and now I’m, like, such a freak all over again and never want to leave”, she said.

Kim also recalled an incident with Kanye West in the episode where she spoke about the duo being hounded by fans in Malibu. Kim recalled how it gave her anxiety and said, “Like, I have not left my house really since quarantine. I was so freaked out. People were trying to come up to Kanye [West] and like, talk to him and come up to me and ask for photos. It’s crazy that people even feel that comfortable to go up to someone”, via E!

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