Angelina Jolie struggling financially amid Brad Pitt divorce battle: rumor debunked

Angelina Jolie is allegedly desperate for work because she is having financial problems, according to a tabloid.

According to the New, Idea reported divorce and supervision of Jolie and Brad Pitt battle has been going on for years and has already hit their finances. New Idea is allegedly drastic to find work amid her continuing divorce with her ex-husband, Brad Pitt. It cited an unnamed source alleging that: “the Maleficent star, in particular, has been struggling to make ends meet.

The outlet added that Jolie has already resorted to begging her friends for roles”. Woman’s Day also declared that: “Jolie’s financial problems could affect her chances of winning the custody of her daughter with Pitt, Shiloh. The outlet noted that if Jolie would keep struggling financially, the court might deem her unfit for custody”. The tabloid also alleged by saying that Shiloh sway chooses to live with her dad over her mom. Gossip Cop looked into that news and found out that it was not true.

It is true that Angelina Jolie doesn’t need to beg her friends for roles. She has no trouble booking acting roles, and the report that yet she had to beg her friends for roles is false. The rumor-debunking section is very popular and has owned several parts. So, it’s doubtful that she was so broke and had to beg for small roles. Gossip Cop clarified that: “Jolie is neither broke nor struggling. The outrageous claims from the aforementioned two outlets didn’t make any sense”.

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