Prince Charles rejected request to speak Harry privately
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The “Lie” of Prince Harry That Prince Charles Is Financially Cutting Him Off is Exposed By Government Accountants?

The report in one outlet this week “Did Prince Harry lie that he is being cut off financially by his father, Prince CharlesGossip Cop investigates the shocking claims. Prince Harry claimed to have been financially cut off by Prince Charles and he might not be telling the truth – Globe reports in this week’s edition.

The tabloid’s inside sources provided this information that an audit of Clarence House has shown – Prince Charles allocated $6.25 million to his sons last year. A significant sum of that total reportedly went to Harry. It further explains that this exposure disgraces Harry and Meghan’s claims that when they arrived in the US, they were forced to live off of Harry’s inheritance from his late mother.

Despite the couple repeatedly insisted that they were working towards becoming financially independent, Charles was still financially supporting his youngest son throughout his move to California – The tabloid notes. But in the time since, the Sussexes have inked deals with Spotify and Netflix worth close to $100 million and are reportedly “projected to earn more than $850 million in the next decade.”

The outlet criticizes; the couple for suggesting they were forced to provide for themselves and points to their disputed claim – they had a secret wedding ceremony days before being married at Windsor Castle. Since he was sincere and aiding them financially, Prince Charles was deeply upset by the couple’s comments – the report noted.

Prince Charles claims Harry

An insider explains, “Initially he didn’t cut them off and he went on to provide for some time,” he further added, “But there was a point when Charles decided enough was enough. The bank of a dad couldn’t keep handing out indefinitely.” There’s a lot to take out here. Firstly, this story officially broke weeks ago, making it old news in the world of royal gossips. The outlet is barely sharing any pioneering or exclusive information.

Secondly, though it is admitted that it is not the most satisfying one there is an explanation for this. The tabloid is officially right as it noted that Prince Charles did not cut Harry off until the summer of 2020. With that being said, when Harry and Meghan claimed they were cut off, they did not establish a specific timeline. By the time they were filming the Oprah interview, they were independent financially and had been for several months.

“The Duke’s comments during the Oprah interview were about the first quarter of the fiscal reporting period in the UK, which starts annually in April. This is the same date that the ‘transitional year’ of the Sandringham agreement began and is aligned with the timeline that Clarence House referenced.” – a spokesperson for the Sussexes explained. While the tabloid is correct partially in the facts, its aggression towards the duke and duchess is unjustified.

We should not be astonished that the Globe is going after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle so aggressively. The tabloid has had it out for them and it is not a secret. The tabloid alleged Harry and Markle were “begging” the queen to take them back, back in April.

The magazine further claimed Harry and Markle were becoming cannabis farmers. Most recently they claimed after tapping their phones the firm had all kinds of dirt on the Sussexes. The Globe cannot be trusted to accurately report without bias when it comes to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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