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Kate Middleton’s Bond with King Charles Stronger Than Ever

In the latest issue of PEOPLE, royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith sheds light on the unique dynamic within the royal family, highlighting the strong bond between Kate Middleton and King Charles. The Princess of Wales, recognized for her composure and charm, played a pivotal role in the recent Buckingham Palace reception, impressing guests and strengthening diplomatic ties.

A royal source describes Kate’s ease and enjoyment at the event, emphasizing her understanding of the royal family’s role in global diplomacy. The source notes, “Kate and the King share a close relationship, perhaps even closer than the bond she shares with Prince William.”

This insight comes amid observations of a previously strained relationship between Princes William and Harry and their father, King Charles. According to insiders, Kate has been a key mediator, bridging the gap between William and Charles in recent times.

Valentine Low, a royal author, speaks to PEOPLE about Kate’s behind-the-scenes resilience, a contrast to her public image of warmth and friendliness. “She’s strong-minded and prepared to stand her ground for her beliefs and goals,” Low comments.

A former royal staffer highlights Kate’s influence on Prince William, saying she provides guidance and direction for their family and his future role as king. Sally Bedell Smith echoes this sentiment, noting that the couple enhances the monarchy without overshadowing King Charles and Queen Camilla.

Kate’s resolve was particularly evident following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021. The subsequent statement from Buckingham Palace, which subtly questioned the interview’s accuracy, was reportedly influenced by Kate’s insistence on addressing the allegations.

“She was determined to present an alternative perspective,” Low reveals in his upcoming book. “Kate is strategic, considering the monarchy’s long-term welfare and her future role as queen.”

A source close to the royal household commends Kate’s serious approach, acknowledging its importance for the monarchy. Simon Lewis, a former Buckingham Palace communications chief, adds, “She’s central to the operations of team Windsor,” highlighting her integral role within the royal family.

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