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Omid Scobie Updates Dutch Edition of ‘Endgame’ with Significant Changes Following Controversy

Omid Scobie, the author of ‘Endgame’, has reportedly made extensive revisions to the Dutch edition of his book. This development comes after a royal commentator highlighted that the initial Dutch release incorrectly named Princess Kate and King Charles as the royals who allegedly discussed Prince Archie’s skin tone.

In a series of promotional interviews, the 42-year-old Scobie defended his work, maintaining that he had not identified any royals in the book’s versions. He later revealed that the Dutch publisher received an early, unapproved draft to begin translations.

Rick Evers, a Dutch royal journalist, was the first to share the names on social media platform X. He now reports that the latest Dutch version, released on December 8, includes numerous modifications, which he suggests may have originated from the Sussexes’ camp.

The updated version omits the names of Kate and Charles, rebranding Queen Camilla as “Camilla, Queen Consort”. Additionally, it revises statements about King Charles, changing references from “suspicious links and … poor judgment” to “questionable choices”. The book now describes Prince William as having a “workshy image”, in contrast to the original “lazy Wills” label.

Scobie, addressing the controversy, explained in an opinion piece for iNews that an early, unconfirmed text was used by the Dutch publisher for translation purposes. He emphasized his direct work was only with the US and UK publishers and noted the meticulous legal vetting of the book’s final version.

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