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Mother Campaigns for ‘Chloe’s Law’ to Hold Abusers Accountable After Daughter’s Tragic Suicide

Sharon Holland, whose daughter Chloe tragically died by suicide after enduring abuse from her ex-partner, is advocating for ‘Chloe’s Law‘. This proposed legislation aims to hold domestic abusers accountable for the suicides of their victims. Sharon’s campaign is a response to the loss of her daughter, Chloe Holland, who passed away in March following prolonged abuse.

The abuser, whose identity is currently protected for legal reasons, was sentenced in October to 41 months in prison for coercive and controlling behavior towards 23-year-old Chloe, a mother herself. The court acknowledged that he had even encouraged Chloe to take her own life.

Sharon is determined to see legal changes that would make abusers liable for their victims’ suicides. Her petition for ‘Chloe’s Law’ has garnered over 10,000 signatures in the UK and seeks to introduce harsher penalties, potentially life sentences, for such crimes. The petition needs 100,000 signatures to be considered for debate in the UK Parliament.

In an interview with The Mirror, Sharon, 51, recounted how Chloe’s vibrant personality was diminished due to the fear and isolation she experienced from the abuse. Sharon’s mother, Beryl, also died by suicide in London years ago after suffering abuse, highlighting a painful family history of domestic violence.

Sharon’s initiative is part of a broader movement acknowledging the severe impact of domestic abuse on mental health. A study by Agenda Alliance found that victims of domestic abuse are three times more likely to attempt suicide. Tragically, the deaths of Kelly Sutton and Jessica Laverack, both victims of domestic abuse who died by suicide, underscore the urgent need for such legislation.

Running a Facebook community for others affected by similar tragedies, Sharon is a source of support and advocacy. She emphasizes the importance of seeking professional help and encourages families to be understanding and supportive of those in abusive relationships.

The petition has reached a significant milestone, prompting parliamentary discussion. Last month, councilors in Portsmouth expressed their support, recognizing the campaign’s importance for justice and wellbeing. Sharon hopes that the law will acknowledge victims like Chloe as femicide cases, bringing deserved recognition and justice to their tragic ends.

Sharon’s message to victims and their families is to seek help, build strength, and leave abusive situations swiftly. For families who suspect a loved one is in an abusive relationship, she advises patience and unwavering support.

To support this cause and push for a change in the law, individuals can sign Sharon’s petition, contributing to a movement seeking justice and protection for victims of domestic abuse.

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