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Credit: Lucy Younger / SWNS)

Graduate Discovers Brain Tumour After Experiencing Unusual Symptoms Like Smelling Bacon

Lucy Younger, a 23-year-old vegetarian from Crystal Palace, London, faced a startling medical revelation just as she began her university journey. Initially diagnosed with a panic disorder and prescribed antidepressants, her true condition was much more severe. The symptoms, which included frequent déjà vu, zoning out, and even smelling bacon, were initially dismissed as anxiety-related.

Lucy’s health concerns intensified when she joined Goldsmiths University for a BA in English in September 2019. Experiencing not just déjà vu, but also vivid hallucinations, she initially attributed these to the stress of moving to London and adapting to university life. Despite reducing her alcohol intake and social outings, her symptoms worsened, including sensory hallucinations like smelling bacon and tasting metal.

Lucy Younger
Credit: Lucy Younger / SWNS)

After her GP diagnosed her with anxiety and depression, Lucy continued to struggle with concentration and experienced severe headaches. Her skepticism about the diagnosis led her to research her symptoms online, pointing towards a possible brain tumour and epilepsy.

With the onset of the 2020 lockdown, Lucy returned to her hometown of Newquay, where her symptoms escalated. She experienced severe migraines, numbness, and even passed out during seizures. A visit to a different GP suggested hormonal issues, possibly PCOS, leading to further tests.

Desperate for answers, Lucy reached out to a pharmacist who advocated for a CT scan. The scan, conducted in July, revealed a benign brain tumour on her frontal lobe, necessitating surgery within weeks. The seizures she experienced were a result of epilepsy triggered by the tumour.

Lucy underwent a craniotomy to remove the tumour, which led to a year’s break from university due to short-term memory loss and recovery challenges. Her return to ballet classes and the discovery of dyslexia were all linked to her brain tumour.

In July 2021, Lucy resumed her studies and successfully graduated a year later, overcoming her medical ordeal and the misdiagnoses that delayed her treatment.

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