Why Americans Are Anxious Over A Picture of Jill and Joe With Queen Elizabeth II?

The G7 summit will be remembered to Americans as Joe’s worst hour.

The G7 summit will go down in history as Joe’s worst hour. Nothing can be worse than the ridiculous “first” press conference that he did. And it is not good news for America, because he is leaving his people weak, silly and making them a laughing stock for the whole world.

According to waynedupree.com, Biden has been trapped on video pointlessly traveling around a random cafe until Jill “rescued” him, he’s made so many bloopers that I’ve lost track, and he’s gotten so confused, that he has begun a group of world leaders to bust out in obstinate edgy amusement.

Moreover, Biden looks old, feeble, and shaky. Thet probably added fuel to fore. But his managers are resolute to make Joe appear “cool.” So, when he and Jill went to meet the Queen, they stuck a pair of shades on Joe.

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