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Piers Morgan Ridiculed For Saying ‘Wokies’ Were ‘Screaming In Horror’ At National Anthem

Piers Morgan is being criticized for telling ‘wokies’ winged during England’s national anthem at the Euros, calling them ‘morons’. Piers Morgan, the former Good Morning Britain host has successfully got the attention and being criticizes for slamming those who criticized the English National Anthem being sung during the opening of the country’s first Euro 2020 match against Croatia.

Piers penned on Twitter to negate claims of the anthem endorsing colonialism, “Great to see the whole England team belting out the national anthem. “And to all woke to scream in horror at this ‘disgusting celebration of colonial imperialism’, get a life, you moron.” Piers ended his post a winning: “God saves the Queen!” followed by the England flag.

However, the speech has backlash online with one person tweeting: “Woke means having your eyes open. What on earth is wrong with that? Answer not expected.” Another penned: “Woke, being aware of social injustices, the hypocrisy is duly noted, Piers is learning.”

In another post, he praised the England players for taking the knee, which is a symbolic gesture promoting the campaign against racial violence. Following reports of some of the players being booed Piers wrote: “A plea to England’s boo-boys: if you don’t agree with taking the knee, then just ignore it & check your Twitter feed or pick your nose or something.

“But respect your team’s right to make a peaceful protest that they’ve clarified is non-political. We all want them to win, right?” However, this appeared to complicate the broadcaster’s followers with one asking: “Mate you say this but then you promote taking the knee I don’t understand.” The mirror.co.uk said that It’s not the first time Piers has called out the ‘woke brigade’ warning that they would be “canceled” in 50 years.

The divisive presenter, 56, who quit Good Morning Britain back in March, made the revelation in an interview with 60 Minutes Australia. In the chat, Piers revealed he “refuses” to be “canceled” and shared how he thinks the origin of the term woke started “well-intentioned”, but he believes it has become “hi-jacked by extremely illiberal people”. Woke” is described as having the awareness to be awake to racial and social injustice.

Delivering a warning to “cancellers”, he said: “Here’s what I say to the woke brigade. Right now, what’s happening right now, will be considered inappropriate in 50 years. “That’s what they don’t realize, is that once you start this process, everything becomes problematic. Everything becomes something that has to be canceled.” Elsewhere in the interview, Piers blamed Meghan Markle for his Good Morning Britain exit and labeled her a “liar”.

Moreover, Piers confirmed that he lest Good Morning Britain because he refused to say sorry for his comments for Meghan Markle. At the beginning of March, Piers admitted he’d had “a bad night of broken sleep” after hosting the show on Monday 8 March.

By the time it came to host Tuesday’s show, Piers said he was “tired and agitated” – and ended up storming offset when his colleague Alex Beresford “launched into a very personal attack”.

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