Home Remedies for Remove Skin Tags Naturally

Skin tags or papillomas are mostly benign growths on the skin. They occur mostly on the nose, neck, face, chest, armpits, or inner thighs. They can be harmless, but it is always advisable to get them checked, as they can also be due to some medical condition that might need immediate attention.

Apart from surgery, there are safe and effective treatments to remove these. Some home remedies to remove skin tags are discussed below. Let us take a quick look at these.

1. Banana peel

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We generally throw off the banana peel after we eat the banana. This peel can be used to remove skin tags- all you need to do is cut it and place it on the tag and cover it up with tape. While keeping the peel make sure that you allow the inside portion of the peel to touch the skin. Keep this overnight and remove the tape and wash the area in the morning. Repeat the process, the tag will fall off in a few days.

2. Castor oil

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Castor oil is also an effective home remedy to remove skin tags. You need to mix the oil with some baking soda to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on the skin tag two-three times in a day. It takes around three-four weeks for the tag to shrink and fall off naturally, so one has to continue with the application of the paste for three-four weeks.

3. Garlic

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Garlic can do wonders when it comes to skin treatments. However, one needs to be careful while using garlic to treat skin tags. Take one slice of garlic and place it on the tag. Cover it with tape. Make sure you replace the garlic with a fresh clove after a few hours every time. Continue the clove replacements for two to three days. After around 3 days, the tag will fall off naturally.

4. Lemon

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Lemon is citric in nature and thus helps in the decomposition of the tags’ cells. Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on a cotton ball, and apply it to the tag. Make sure you do not step out in the sun unless you want a tan! You can apply lime juice three-four times a day. The tag will come off in two-three weeks.

5. Onion juice

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Onion juice mixed with some salt is a wonderful home remedy for the removal of skin tags. Apply this mixture on the tag, and leave it overnight. Do not forget to cover the applied portion before you sleep. Wash the area in the morning. The skin tag will fall off in a week or two.

6. Pineapple

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Even pineapple helps in the removal of skin tags. You need to cut fresh pineapple slices and blend the pieces into juice. Use a cotton ball and dip it in the juice and apply it to the skin tag. Repeat it twice a day, and see the tag fall off within a few weeks.

7. Potato and cauliflower

Surprisingly, potatoes and cauliflower can be used to remove skin tags. These vegetables dry the skin tag and make the portion smooth after the tag falls off. You need to blend potato, cauliflower and two cloves of garlic into juice, and dab it on the skin tag before you go to sleep. Cover this area and then wash it off the next morning. The tag will fall off after a few days.

8. Tea tree oil

Another effective home treatment for skin tags is tea tree oil. The oil is naturally antiseptic and thus protects the skin as well. You can apply a few drops of the oil on the tag for three-four times a day till the tag dries off and falls. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you dilute the oil before using it.

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