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Kate and William Will Safeguard Commonwealth From Referendums Under Charles’ Monarchy

Kate and Prince William are credited with keeping the British Royal Family as head of state in Commonwealth countries like Australia and Canada.

As per royal analyst Robert Jobson, Prince William, who is second in line to the throne behind Prince Charles, is “very popular” along with Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge. Because of how quickly William and Kate are expected to inherit the monarchy, he claims Commonwealth countries will not move to hold a referendum and be independent.

Mr. Jobson said while speaking to GB News: “The reality is that it’s quite complex. As soon as the Queen passes, the Prince of Wales becomes King in these realms as well. “Canada and Australia may well push for a referendum and that’s possibly going to be the case more likely in New Zealand than through Canada or Australia.

“The reason being is it’s quite technical in Australia. You have to get a majority in each of the states and it’s the same in Canada and there is much more popularity for the monarchy than one would think. “Charles would be king of those countries and it would have to then take the referendum to change that.

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“That’s when I think they might think again about it because Charles will be in his late 70s by then and William and Kate will be very much the Prince and Princess of Wales. “They’ll be very popular, flying around the world – talking to big crowds.

“I think they won’t be pushing to get rid of the monarchy because, in 15 years’ time, they may be looking at a very different and very popular king and queen.” The Prince of Wales is the oldest heir apparent in British history, having been first in line to the throne for more than seven decades.

Stewart Pearce, a royal expert, explains how Charles may step down and be replaced by the Duke of Cambridge.

Speaking to Royally Us on Us Weekly, Mr. Pearce said: “We know the position he is about to inherit, it’s going to be very interesting to see if Prince Charles will sit on the throne or will he create some form of a shift in constitutional law to allow his son to sit on the throne.

“That’s going to be very interesting. “At the moment the right of ascendency is Charles on the throne but I don’t necessarily see Queen Camilla.”

He added: “Constitutional law could be revoked and changed because after all, we’re living in extraordinary times.”It comes as Charles has been stepping into the Queen’s shoes since her 95th birthday.

Richard Eden, a royal commentator, said while speaking to Palace Confidential on Mail Plus: “Palace officials have been very keen to play down the idea of a summit Charles has called with Prince William to plot the future.

“But they will be having lots of conversations. “When the Queen is 95, by definition it will be a transition of some effect.”

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