3 Smart Ways to Cover a Scar on Your Face

How often do you come across a situation where you see big acne or boil or scar on your face hours before you have to attend a party, or have a tan date with a hot guy, or probably have an all-important interview or corporate meeting? I am sure many times.

So, here are few tips below which you can use to effectively hide a scar on your face.

1. Makeup

The most obvious choice is to use makeup products to hide the ugly looking scar. But make sure you do not overdo it. Use the right shade of foundation and concealer. Apply it all over your face to ensure an even color tone. If it does not blend in well with your skin tone then the scar or the mark will stand out more, so take the right amount and apply it correctly.

Use a primer cream or lotion before the concealer and foundation to ensure that the spots remain hidden for a longer time. Another thing that you have to keep in mind is to use a soft foundation brush for applying and not use bare hands. Use a ball of cotton to make the color spread across your face.

2. Daily precautions

The best way to hide a scar or a mark on your face is to make sure they don’t appear in the first place. All you have to do is take a little care and you will have to deal with acne issues lesser than normal. Make sure you drink plenty of water and also wash and rinse your face every time you come back home.

This will ensure all the dust from the pores is removed and does not settle down on your face. Also, ensure you wipe your face with a clean and soft tissue or towel. Hard ones can cause redness on the face. Also, a visit to the salon once a month is an advisable option. The face treatments and cleansing process help to remove the dead and dry skin, clean the pores and bring a fresh glow.

3. Quick fix tips

If you are pressed for time try some of these tips to reduce the redness and the spots. Take steam and then use a primer and a concealer. You can also use Visine eye drops to reduce the redness. Press an ice cube against the acne after using Visine. For many people the right amount of concealer after a hot water shower makes the acne look like it was never there. 

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