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Prince Harry Appears Unsettled by Meghan Markle’s Comment; Fans Weigh In

Prince Harry appeared taken aback by Meghan Markle’s recollection of her first encounter with Queen Elizabeth II in a highlighted moment from their recent Netflix documentary.

In the series, which debuted last year, the couple candidly discussed their royal life experiences. A particular segment from the second episode garnered attention when Meghan described her unexpected introduction to the Queen, Harry’s late grandmother, and her subsequent reaction.

Meghan shared her surprise at learning about the protocol just moments before meeting the Queen, who passed away the previous September. The Mirror detailed how Meghan humorously recalled being asked by Harry if she knew how to curtsy right before the introduction, thinking initially it was a jest.

Explaining the nuances of royal protocol, Harry stated, “It’s challenging to convey that you bow to your own grandmother or that an American would need to curtsy.”

Drawing a lighthearted parallel for American audiences, Meghan likened the practice to the “Medieval Times, Dinner and Tournament” experience. However, Harry seemed somewhat discomfited, especially when Meghan theatrically demonstrated her curtsy for viewers, saying, “It was like that.”

This particular segment spurred a flurry of reactions from fans on TikTok. One user critiqued Meghan’s jovial tone, suggesting that her portrayal was disrespectful. The sentiment was echoed in comments, with some pointing out the significance and tradition behind such royal customs. Others found it hard to believe that Meghan was unfamiliar with the custom, even referencing its depiction in popular culture, such as Disney movies.

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