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Prince William says he ‘won’t cry’ at Harry’s absence at Christmas

According to insights from a royal expert Jennie Bond, Prince William has reconciled himself with the continuing estrangement from Prince Harry, seeing no clear path to mend their rift.

This acceptance seems to extend to the holiday season, with the expert suggesting that William wouldn’t be particularly troubled if Harry doesn’t visit the UK for Christmas, indicating that he is unlikely to ‘shed a tear’ over his brother’s absence.

This stance suggests a significant degree of resignation to the current state of their relationship.

Recently, “Friends of the Sussexes” told the Sunday Times that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would be open to accepting an invitation to Sandringham for Christmas. However, sources indicate that their potential return to the UK may not be met with enthusiasm by all members of the royal family.

Bond’s comments, as reported by the Sun, reveal a more complex emotional landscape within the royal family. She believes that while William likely still harbors love for his brother deep down, he has become resigned to the current estrangement. Bond suggests that William has “closed his mind to the prospect of reconciliation” with Harry, indicating a significant hardening of his stance on the matter.

Furthermore, Bond opines that Meghan Markle may not find a warm welcome within the royal family, nor does she believe Meghan would desire such a reconciliation. This assessment paints a picture of a profound and perhaps irreparable divide within the family, marked by hurt feelings and complex dynamics.

The situation highlights the ongoing challenges faced by the royal family in navigating personal relationships amidst intense public scrutiny and media attention. The estrangement between William and Harry, once close brothers, now reflects a deeper divide that extends beyond personal grievances, encompassing their roles and responsibilities within the royal institution.

In summary, while there may still be underlying affection between the brothers, the likelihood of a near-term reconciliation, especially during the emotionally charged holiday season, appears slim. The situation underscores the enduring impact of past conflicts and the difficulty of bridging such divides in a family constantly under the public eye.

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