teen murderer who pummeled his victim

Teen Murderer Who Assaulted Victim with Bottle Attacks Gangland Killer in Prison

A convicted murderer, Peter Allan, serving a life sentence for the brutal killing of Raymond Black in 2008, has confessed to assaulting notorious gangland killer Paul Lyons while both were in Perth Prison on February 21, 2021. Lyons, known for the road rage killing of Mark Fleeman in 2010, was the victim of the attack by Allan, who had originally faced charges of kicking, struggling, and using a sharp implement on Lyons, reports Daily Record

Instead, Allan, now 34, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of punching Lyons, 42, on Thursday. He received a five-month jail term, concurrent with his existing life sentence, with a minimum term of 15 years for the murder of Raymond Black. Allan, who is scheduled for release in May 2024, committed the heinous crime as a teenager, inflicting an “extraordinary level of violence” on Black, according to Lord Brodie.

During the 2008 trial, Allan initially claimed self-defense, alleging that Black had made sexual advances toward him. However, evidence revealed a frenzied attack, with Allan assaulting Black with an Irn Bru bottle, a lamp, and a large kitchen knife. The crime scene was described as one of the worst encountered by detectives, with Black’s throat cut to the spine, and a knife left embedded below his left eye socket.

In 2022, Allan faced further legal trouble when caught with a makeshift weapon in prison—a piece of wood with 11 razor blades embedded in it. He argued that paranoia led him to believe that everyone was a threat.

Lyons, released from prison in January, attended his father’s funeral earlier this year. The son of crime clan grandad David Lyons, Paul Lyons paid his respects and gave a eulogy speech before placing a rose in his father’s coffin. Despite being caught with mobile phones three times during his sentence, claiming homesickness, Lyons remains a controversial figure due to his role in the high-speed pursuit that resulted in Mark Fleeman’s death and severe injuries to Lee Allsup in 2010.

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