‘Livid’ Prince Charles ‘Disowns’ Prince Harry, Removes Him From ‘$150 Million’ Will?

Is Prince Charles scheming to cut Prince HarryMeghan Markle, and their children out of the royal family entirely? That’s the story one tabloid is reporting this week.  This week, the Globe reports Prince Charles doesn’t want anything to do with his “renegade” son Prince Harry. According to the report, Charles plans to cut Harry from his $150 million will, but he’s not stopping with finances.

Apparently, Charles plans to revoke his royal status entirely. An inside source tells the tabloid, “This is unheard of!” adding, “There have been royal feuds over the years but none ever got to this level. Charles is throwing Harry and Meghan to the wolves — and it seems he has the queen’s blessing!”

The source goes on, adding, “Harry is a total royal outsider now — but he brought it on himself by allowing Meghan to take over his life. The royals feel it’s impossible to trust him after the way he publicly trashed the family.”

The outlet then says that Charles didn’t acknowledge Harry when he returned to the UK for Prince Phillip’s funeral. The tabloid also notes that Charles was noticeably absent from the unveiling of the statue dedicated to Princess Diana.

According to the tipster, “Charles doesn’t want to see or talk to Harry,” adding, “He’s outraged their personal conversations were leaked and broadcast on TV by Meghan’s close pal, CBS This Morning host Gayle King.” Apparently, Charles is still reeling from Harry’s interviews about the royal family. The source insists, “Charles is boiling with anger over his son’s persistent and cruel digs. He blames fame-obsessed Meghan for ripping the royals apart.”

So, is it true Charles is severing all ties with his son Harry? We seriously doubt it. While it’s true Harry and Charles’ interactions have been few and far between since Harry left for California, there’s nothing to suggest Charles is taking action against his son. It’s unclear what such a move would aim to accomplish.

Since Harry and Markle have made it clear they don’t wish to partake in the duties of the royal family, their official ties to The Firm have been mostly severed. Furthermore, the couple is more than financially independent and likely wouldn’t be hurt if cut out of Charles’s will.

We also seriously doubt any member of the firm is cutting young Archie and Lilibet out of the family. The tabloid claims that Queen Elizabeth has approved of Charles’s alleged actions, but the queen has maintained an amicable relationship with the Sussexes since their Los Angeles move. In fact, it’s been reported that the queen was one of the first to meet baby Lilibet over video call shortly after her birth.

And lastly, if this supposed insider was so informed on the royals, it’d be worth mentioning that Harry is actually planning to publish a memoir in 2022. Clearly, this alleged insider, if they even exist, is not in the know about the royal family.

It’s hard to trust anything the Globe is reporting about the Sussexes. Earlier this year, the tabloid alleged that Prince Harry was teaming up with his uncle Prince Andrew to “destroy the monarchy.” Then, the outlet claimed that Prince Charles and Prince William wanted Harry committed to a “mental health facility.”

The magazine also claimed it had caught Harry in a horrible lie about his family’s finances. And finally, the publication asserted William had actually “booted” the Sussexes out of Frogmore Cottage. Since not a single one of these reports was credible, it’s obvious the Globe is no authority on the royals.

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