Lady Gaga Shows Off Her Sculpted Figure In Latest Instagram Post: Here’s A Look At Her Workouts

It’s only a seconds-long clip, but boy do we love what we see. As always, the ever-gorgeous Lady Gaga shows the Internet how to lust and learn. Her latest post on Instagram has the pop star showing off her great figure, but it’s no secret that Gaga puts in the work! Here’s a look at her impressive fitness routines.

With her hands behind her head and gold chains hanging from her hips, Gaga rises confidently out of a pool in a stylish orange star bikini. Her lips are in a haughty pout and her eyes are framed by fashionable cat-eye sunglasses.

When it comes to style Gaga certainly keeps it cool but how about that bod? Well, luckily the star shares her secrets on her Instagram too! For starters, the singer has practiced yoga for 16 years which is a great way to improve your balance and strengthen your core.

In another Instagram post, the singer revealed that she swims laps before her shows. So those pool pics aren’t just for looks people! As a stage performer, Gaga must have the stamina to run around the stage and the low impact workout is perfect for getting her blood pumping without overtaxing her body.

At 5’1, Gaga is quite petite but that doesn’t mean the pop star can’t be packing some guns. Women’s Health revealed that the “Bad Romance” singer strength-trains an impressive five times a week, though three workouts per week are more than enough for most of us!

The “Applause” singer also supplements her fitness routine with plenty of Pilates. A go-to exercise for dancers, Pilates is great increasing flexibility and core strength all at once. Here’s Gaga with her professional teacher, Lisa Marie Gordon.

Lastly, Gaga tops off her workouts and post-show routine with a frigid 5-10 minute ice bath followed by a 20-minute hot bath then an icepack-lined compression suit! Though this is a little much for those who are just trying to lose some pounds or sculpt their abs it certainly does wonders for Gaga’s recovery!

On top of being a talented pop star, Lady Gaga is an endless fitness inspiration. When she’s not working the stage or just working out, she can be found looking effortlessly gorgeous as ever on her Instagram. Talk about body goals!

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