Cara Delevingne Thought She Must Have Plastic Surgery

Cara Delevingne said that it is important, to be honest with the fans.

On the Make It Reign podcast, British actress and model Cara Delevingne 28-year-old model said that she was looking forward to undergoing the knife of a plastic surgeon. Kara was hopeless with her breasts and wanted to have a nose job, but did not dare to have plastic surgery.

“Since childhood, I thought: “I want to enlarge my breasts, it is asymmetrical,” the model admitted and added that she also thought about rhinoplasty.

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According to freenews, Then Kara was frightened that after the surgery she would not be able to talk about it openly, because plastic surgery is taboo. She further said that her mission is to inspire fans to be completely honest. Therefore, she did not keep the operation a secret, nor face a negative reaction.

Furthermore, the model dreaded that somebody would observe her honesty as indorsing unachievable beauty ethics.

“I just think that young girls or even boys should know that some things cannot be obtained naturally, you know, and that’s okay,” said Cara Delevingne.

She laid stressed that she is upset because people are not yet ready to talk openly about plastic surgery.

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