King Charles and Queen Camilla

Queen Camilla Almost Broke Royal Protocol At Parliament

Queen Camilla, despite her position as the spouse of the head of the British monarchy, found herself on the brink of a royal protocol hiccup during the State Opening of Parliament on November 8. This ceremony signifies the commencement of the United Kingdom’s parliamentary year and is attended by senior royals.

In a video posted by the UK Parliament, keen royal observers noticed a potential breach of protocol as Camilla appeared ready to take her seat before her husband, King Charles III. Breaking with tradition, she swiftly corrected her course, allowing Charles to sit first and deliver the customary line, “My Lords, pray to be seated.”

The event, held at the Palace of Westminster, features the reigning monarch delivering a speech outlining proposed laws drafted by the current parliament.

As per People, Camilla, attending her first State Opening of Parliament as Queen, adorned the historic Diamond Diadem crown. Previously favored by the late Queen Elizabeth II, this crown, worn during her first State Opening of Parliament in 1952 and at her coronation in 1953, boasts 1,333 diamonds, pearls, and crosses representing the national emblems of England, Ireland, and Scotland.

Notably, in May of the preceding year, Prince Charles had stepped in for Queen Elizabeth II during the State Opening of Parliament due to her “episodic mobility problems,” marking the first time he officially represented his mother on such an occasion.

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