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Mill Road 4 People Launches ‘Pavemeant 4 People’ Campaign Against Anti-Social Parking in Cambridge

A residents’ group, Mill Road 4 People, initiated a campaign on Saturday (November 11) in Cambridge to address the prevalent issue of anti-social and illegal parking along Mill Road. The campaign, named ‘Pavemeant 4 People,’ aims to draw attention to the challenges posed by anti-social parking on this bustling thoroughfare.

Supporters of the group positioned themselves along the pavement to discourage anti-social parking and distributed informative leaflets detailing the anti-social nature and, in some cases, the illegality of pavement parking. The leaflets also included a map indicating legal parking alternatives in the vicinity.

Andy Kennedy, the campaign organizer, expressed satisfaction with the response, noting that some drivers seemed unaware of the legal implications of their actions. He highlighted the widespread nature of pavement parking and the lack of effective enforcement.

To facilitate reporting, the group launched a dedicated webpage where individuals can upload images of improperly parked vehicles, particularly those engaged in anti-social parking, for submission to relevant authorities. Driving onto a pavement is considered an offense unless there is a designated dropped kerb or marked bays.

A spokesperson emphasized the detrimental impact of anti-social pavement parking on pedestrians, particularly those with visual impairments or using child buggies, wheelchairs, or mobility scooters. The practice also leads to extensive pavement damage and increases the risk of hazardous overtaking when cars straddle the kerb.

Citing the Highway Code, which prohibits waiting on double yellow lines at any time, the group called for the establishment of more short-term parking bays on Mill Road, especially following the implementation of the bus gate on the bridge.

The spokesperson further highlighted the prevalent issue of vehicles parking within the statutory 10 meters of junctions, posing serious dangers for pedestrians and vehicles maneuvering in and out of junctions.

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