Britney Spears Praises Boyfriend Sam Asghari And Calls Herself ‘The Queen of Posting’

Britney Spears, who is still embroiled in a conservatorship dispute with her estate runner and father, Jamie Spears, took to Instagram on Wednesday to praise her actor boyfriend, who has been a safe haven for her through her highs and lows.

In a selfie photo of the two, she quipped of Sam Asghari, 27, before donning her agent hat for the mixed martial artist: “Not only has this cute a–hole been with me through the hardest years of my life but he happens to be an extremely good cook!”

“Fast & furious franchise, don’t miss out on your next star!” Spears raved of the “Black Monday” performer and personal trainer.

Recently, Asghari told photographers in Los Angeles that he is “always going to support [Britney] in whatever she wants” and “if she’s happy, I’m happy.”

He also joked that the couple had “secretly married” when Spears was spotted with what appeared to be a ring on her special finger on a coffee run just days after a minor fender bender last month.

He said at the time in footage obtained by TMZ, “People don’t know but we’ve been married for about five years and we secretly got married in Hawaii – that’s one of the stories that I don’t know but I see in the newspapers – and we have twins.”

Spears has found an amazing match in Asghari, according to a source who previously spoke to Fox News about his down-to-earth nature.

The source said, “Sam is a beacon of goodness and positivity” in Spears’ life, and Asghari is a consummate “protector” of the “Toxic” vocalist as she navigates the woes centered on the conservatorship that has loomed over her for some 13 years.

Sam is one of the most loyal people Britney has in her life,” the insider maintained, “and ever since he’s been around Britney, [it] has really allowed him to see the real her and that has added another level of protection for Britney that she wouldn’t have if he wasn’t around.”

“They’re a great pairing,” the insider added of Asghari.

Additionally, in other Spears news, she also posted an Instagram video of herself dancing in her home on Wednesday. Spears joked with followers that she had landed a role as Tinkerbell, a new Tim Burton film, calling herself “the queen of posting” in the post’s caption.

“It was a nice thought and s–t … you never know right ???” she wrote in the lengthy caption of the video she said was from April. “I’m excited either way !!!! Explaining myself as to why I’m the queen of posting would get exhausting so I’ll just be honest and say … It’s because I like to SHARE !!!! Sharing is caring ….. and lots of times that can be daring !!!!! I mean do I dare post again today ???? DO I REALLY CARE what people think.”

Most importantly, though, Jamie P. Spears, earlier this month, agreed to step down as her estate conservator once a proper plan is in place.

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