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Aides to Joe Biden describe the president as having a ‘short fuse’ but he never erupts in fits of rage like Donald Trump, report says

President Joe Biden participates in a conference phone call with governors affected by a snowstorm in the Midwest and southwest Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2021, in the Oval Office of the White House.

On Friday the New York Times reported, President Joe Biden is “obsessed with detail” and will “often snap” if advisors don’t answer his many questions. Making sure he gets opinions from all sides before concluding then in-depth new portrait by Times, yet more than a dozen former and current staffers paint a picture of a president who takes his time with the decision-making rule.

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Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told the Times: “He has a kind of mantra: ‘You can never give me too much detail,”’ According to the Times report, Biden is also gripped by a sense of urgency, which leaves him prone to “flares of impatience,” The various people who constantly interact with him, the president has a “short fuse” and will often cut people off if they don’t come provided with as much detail as possible.

And having said that three advisors who work closely with the president have told several instances where Biden hung up the phone on people, he thought was wasting his time. “You become so hyper prepared,” said Dylan Loewe, a former speechwriter for Mr. Biden. “‘I’ve got to answer every conceivable question he can come up with.'” The Times reported that most advisors told Biden’s “flares of impatience” are nothing like the fits of rage, Former President Donald Trump, was known for.

He often calls or sends voice notes for his grandchildren and is back in the White House residential wing by 7 p.m. each night to eat dinner with First Lady Dr. Jill Biden. Some aides said the president repeatedly displays bouts of “unexpected warmth” and is a caring family man at heart.

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