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Trump Had 89% Negative Press First 3 Months of Presidency, Biden Has 59% Positive

Monday shows a stark contrast in media coverage a Media Research Center study advertised from the first three months of former President Donald Trump’s administration to the identical timespan of President Joe Biden’s term.

Evening news broadcasts have pampered Biden with 59% positive coverage of his administration and on the other hand, just 4years ago the Trump administration received a less-than-comfortable 89% negative coverage. The MRC declared it “reviewed all ABC, CBS and NBC evening news coverage of Biden and his new administration from January 20 through April 9” with a total of 726 minutes of coverage and the same manner it experienced in 2017 for the alike study.

But meanwhile, it is told, his administration in 2017 major figure made up almost 20 percent of news airtime, it was “just a small fraction” of the 1,900 minutes of coverage those same programs gave to Trump. On that MRC report states that “These much lower numbers signify a news media that’s not trying to drown out the White House with its aggressive criticism, as was their standard practice in 2017,” With an inscribed 82% of that topic’s 115 minutes of coverage being negative. Mainstream media tried to find a way to put a positive spin on Biden’s ongoing border crisis.

Nonetheless, this is still a great achievement compared with other reports on Trump’s immigration policies. From 4 years ago the coverage of the Biden administration is also more policy-oriented now and under Trump, with 90% of airtime being devoted to policy choices. But in meantime, The Trump government took just half of that, with 45% of its airtime compared to the policy. The MRC found by being criticized, from out of six Biden’s government, the negativity came from the reporters who are representing the view.

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