10 Things That Never Go Out Of Fashion

The famed Greek philosopher once said, “Nothing endures but change”. While his doctrine suits the situation of the modern world in general, it is the most apt definition for the fashion world which is full of designs and clothes that change according to seasons.

However, there are a few apparels that have been tagged ‘evergreen’, ‘perennially stylish’, ‘revolutionary’ and ‘path breaking’ by several generations. There are a few trends that have been in vogue since decades. The only difference is that with every decade, their look gets more and more contemporary and changes according to the tastes of the times. But the basic style and essence remains the same. Here is a list of trends that have lived beyond style, people and times.

  1. The little black dress

After Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn revolutionized the ‘little black dress’, it has become a must have in every woman’s closet. The amazing thing about the black dress is that you can use your best accessories, scarfs, stoles and shoes to go with it. Keep changing the combination and you have a completely new ensemble each time. The little black dress also best flaunts a taut body.

  1. Denims and white shirt

Age, size, color and height no bar, a crisp collared white shirt with a fitted pair of blue or black denims is the way to go if you want to look semi-casual but make a style statement at the same time. Pair nude pumps with this attire and a knot clutch which will finish your look.

The flexibility that this attire provides you is quite something! Wear flip flops underneath and it becomes casual wear, add a neck scarf to it and it becomes an evening derby or golf course wear. Add a mahogany or a brown jacket to it and it becomes business code. It is very inexpensive to your wallet and an added feather to your style quotient.

  1. The biker look

This is one immortal look that has to be handled with caution. Many have tried to imitate this tomboyish, hard-as-nails look but not everyone has been able to carry off this awesomely ‘handsome’ style! The musical ‘Grease’ and Madonna in ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ immortalized this rocker look.

If you have the inherent style and body to flaunt this look, don the leather motorcycle jacket, some crimson red lipstick, skin tight jeans, black shades and metallic earrings. Women who wear this look ooze attitude and are perceived to be rebellious, upfront and confident.

  1. Boho

The Boho look has been in fashion perennially as the out-of-the-bed look. Originally having started as the ‘Hippie look’, this style owes its roots to the time of the flower power and women’s liberation movement. Although the social context of the trend has gone, the freewheeling style till remains.

Yoko Ono and Cher are celebrities who have brilliantly kept this style alive. Flowers in the hair, loose ponchos and tunics, smudgy eye liner and a ruffled hairstyle, make up this weirdly beautiful, everlasting style statement that gives out a ‘don’t care a damn’ attitude.

  1. Linen apparel

Egyptian cotton and linen pants are singularly the best way you can beat summer with style. Linen adds stiffness and luster to jackets, trousers and vests. Easily convertible into casual, formal and semi-formal styles, linen in solid colors will accentuate any skin tone, body type and accessories.

  1. Ankle length boots

Most suited for winter wear, ankle length leather boots can be worn over a pair of skin tight leggings, stockings or even denims. Boots can add a zing of style over the dullest of outfits. Available in matte and glossy finish, you can choose the glossy finish for a night out at the pub or a matte finish for a coffee evening with workmates. Knee length boots, too, are extremely popular, but more suited for taller women, as they make shorter women look even stubbier.

  1. Jumpsuits

The best thing about jumpsuits is that they can cover flaws of any body type since they are a little loose. Having evolved from ‘overalls’ that were worn by workers to feel comfortable, jumpsuits have now acquired a fashionable edge in women’s wear. Leather chokers and large arm bracelets look dapper with jumpsuits, paired with delicate stilettos.

  1. Aviator Shades

Even before Leonardo DiCaprio brought back the trend of aviator shades with his film, ‘Aviator’, these large sunglasses have always been in fashion. More suitable for slim faces, these unisex aviators come in shades of black, brown and pale orange. If you are in a simple outfit and have to step out at the eleventh hour, put on a pair of aviators to add a dash of attitude to your sexual appeal.

  1. Summer tees

Summer tees with various sleeve styles bearing funky, corny, interesting messages written on them have been in vogue from a long time. What’s great about these wrinkle free tees is that they are inexpensive, easy to maintain and can be matched with denims, short skirts, leggings and shorts in any time of the year. Of course, the smarter your tee message, the bigger is the style statement that you make.

  1. Empire lines with halter necks

Women across the world prefer empire lines dresses as it accentuates the bust line and also hides paunches and the bulkier parts of the lower body. Halter necks are particularly popular with empire lines. These can be tops, dresses, tunics or even gowns. Majority of the celebrities on the red carpet each year are seen in this elegant style, which hasn’t gone out of vogue since ages.

Apart from all these apparels, your fashion statement is accentuated, highlighted and carried off well only if you have a great smile and an enticing personality– something that will, surely, never go out of style.

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