Drunk Woman Ryanair flight
Photo: The Mirror

Children in Distress Witness Altercation with Drunk Woman and Passenger on Plane

A woman, alleged to have been intoxicated, was caught on camera causing a commotion with other passengers on a Ryanair flight departing from Manchester Airport to Ibiza on 21 August.

The disagreement erupted in the plane’s aisle while many passengers were already settled in their seats. In the video, the woman is heard shouting, “I will find you,” with distressed children crying in the background. An off-camera voice remarks about the woman causing a delay.

Lyndsay Cash, a passenger on the flight, relayed to Manchester Evening News, “She was drunk, and became aggressive when someone pointed it out. There was a brawl in the aisle which became very aggressive. I was displeased with the cabin crew’s response. Many of us weren’t happy about how it was handled.”

Many passengers were frustrated, with some stepping in to manage the situation themselves. The altercation resulted in over an hour’s delay for the flight’s departure.

Greater Manchester Police informed The Independent that they had arrested three individuals, all in their 30s, on suspicion of being intoxicated onboard. Additionally, one man and a woman were taken in on suspicion of assaulting police officers. They have since been released but remain under investigation.

A police representative emphasized their commitment to passenger safety, stating that disruptive behavior would not be tolerated.

Ryanair expressed regret for the inconvenience, clarifying that the police were handling the situation. They stated, “A small number of passengers became disruptive. They were removed by local police, and the flight proceeded to Ibiza after a brief delay.”

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