[VIDEO] Shocking New Details Emerge About Kamala’s Relationship With Willie Brown

What on earth did Kamala have to do FOR THAT?

Having said that he grew more popular during the regime of Obama because of that he literally dislikes how good ol’ Barry is.

By which the guarding of that priest is pointing at the ATLAH World Missionary Church in Red Springs, North Carolina.

Although, Pastor Manning returns, and this time he’s pealing in on the Willie Brown and Kamala relationship, though certainly, Pastor Manning is as colorful and questionable as he ever be. Willie Brown was the former mayor of San Fran as you likely know him by now.

Pastor Manning gives some fascinating “backstory” info we’ve never heard before about Kamala and Willie yet, and lets us know that back in the day, Kamala was recognized as the “playgirl of san Francisco.” Ouch.

But it’s what it is like he said that Willie probably got for Kamala that has jaws on the floor.

Well, there’s a reason behind that truly most Americans don’t like Kamala. She gives off a cheap and bearing energy.

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