Woman Discovers Pregnancy
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Surprise Bathroom Birth: Woman Discovers Pregnancy While in Labor Despite Negative Tests

Toni Brown, a 42-year-old mother of three from Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex, experienced an astonishing revelation when she unexpectedly went into labor at home, completely unaware of her pregnancy. Her journey was riddled with disbelief as both at-home pregnancy tests and medical professionals failed to identify her pregnancy.

Initially attributing her symptoms to a potential genetic thyroid issue, Toni underwent several examinations and blood tests, all yielding negative results for pregnancy. Despite her persistent pain and discomfort, she received a misdiagnosis of fecal impaction, which led to the administration of laxatives in an attempt to alleviate her symptoms.

Her distress escalated when, on October 26, she sought help at The Princess Alexandra Hospital due to severe pain. Sadly, after an inconclusive examination and an enema, she was sent home. However, that evening, the unexpected happened as she went into labor in her bathroom, delivering baby Theo, one month premature at 34 weeks.

The chaotic and startling event was further described by Toni’s husband, Gary Brown, who was unexpectedly confronted with the surprise birth. They were all taken aback by the unforeseen arrival of Theo, weighing only 3lb 7oz, told Wales Online.

The lack of realization regarding Toni’s pregnancy has raised concerns about the potential risks posed to both mother and baby due to the use of laxatives and the absence of prenatal care. However, baby Theo is currently progressing well and is anticipated to join the family at home soon.

This astonishing turn of events sparked reflections on the missed opportunity for a simple scan that could have potentially averted the risks and complications of an unknown pregnancy. While grateful for their new family member, the Browns are concerned about the oversight in their healthcare.

The Princess Alexandra Hospital declined to comment on the specifics of the case but congratulated Ms. Brown on the birth of her baby, advising her to get in touch for further discussion.

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