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Prince William preparing Prince George for ‘duties’ as Kate Middleton recovers

Prince William is actively engaging in preparing his eldest son, Prince George, for his future royal roles, especially as his wife, Kate Middleton, recovers from surgery. The couple, widely recognized for their hands-on approach to parenting, aims to smooth the transition for their children into their royal responsibilities.

Royal commentator Robert Hardman highlights the efforts being made by the Prince and Princess of Wales to this end. Kate is currently recuperating at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor, their family home, following her surgery and has paused her royal engagements until after Easter.

During this period, Prince William is taking on additional parenting duties and has implemented specific household rules to better prepare their children for their unique futures.

“With George, there’s a sense that the priority is that he and his siblings are not put off this, that it’s not scary, that it’s something that they understand and it’s going to be part of their life,” Hardman told People Magazine.

“And there’s a belief to make it as unobtrusive and as normal — if you can call it normal — and as pleasant as possible. “Crucially, it’s both of them — William and Catherine.”

According to Hardman, William is keen on normalizing the royal experience for his children, a stark contrast to previous generations where royal expectations were often set without much input from the individuals involved.

“Prince William is trying to normalize it,” Hardman noted, indicating a shift towards more thoughtful and inclusive planning for the royal children’s futures.

This approach reflects a departure from the more rigid and predetermined path that King Charles experienced, where his royal duties and expectations were largely mapped out for him without much consultation. The efforts by William to adapt and modernize the royal upbringing of his children signify a more personalized and considerate approach to their integration into royal life.

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