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Woman Horse Trainer Accused of Stabbing Husband in North Devon Bungalow Dispute

In a shocking incident in North Devon, a court was told that a 70-year-old horse trainer, Christine Rawle, allegedly stabbed her 72-year-old husband, Ian Rawle, in the back following a dispute at their secluded bungalow.

After the stabbing, it was reported that Christine Rawle then proceeded to hide the knife under a stable door and calmly awaited the arrival of the emergency services while her husband lay gravely injured.

The prosecution, led by Sean Brunton KC, presented the case at Exeter Crown Court, describing the couple’s relationship as “somewhat dysfunctional” and drawing comparisons to the tumultuous fictional characters “The Twits”.

The argument that led to the tragic incident on August 24, 2022, revolved around the sale of a parcel of land, which Christine Rawle insisted on selling to fund an eye operation, disregarding any objections.

In a fit of temper she stabbed it into his back without any warning as he was walking away

Prosecutor Sean Brunton KC

According to the prosecutor, in a moment of anger, Christine Rawle grabbed a large, sharp knife and stabbed Ian Rawle in the back as he was walking away from her, leaving the knife embedded in his back. Despite his pleas for her to remove the knife, Ian Rawle managed to follow his wife for about 100 yards across their property before she finally pulled the knife out. Shortly thereafter, he collapsed and succumbed to his injuries, reported Daily Mail.

The court heard that Christine Rawle, a mother of three and self-described on social media as a “registered horse trainer” known as “the horse whisperer”, will claim she was in a “controlling and coercive” relationship.

However, the prosecution argued that this was a clear case of murder, portraying Rawle as a “complex, troubled, and somewhat devious woman” who was more of a bully in the relationship. Evidence presented included two previous occasions where Christine Rawle had attacked her husband with a fork and a knife.

The prosecution also revealed details of their relationship, noting that Christine Rawle had ‘stolen’ her husband from his previous partner and that they had been married for 29 years. The property, now valued at around £800,000, was transferred into joint ownership in 2003. The trial is set to continue, leaving the court to unravel the details of this tragic case.

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