Victoria Beckham Compelling David Beckham for Another Baby ASAP

Victoria Beckham is asking her husband, David Beckham to get her pregnant.

The entertaintimes stated that in July 5 issue, New Idea wrote that Victoria has understood that she wants more kids after meeting her friend’s baby.

And since she’s getting old quickly, she thinks it’s now or never.

“She’s wanted another kid for years, but it’s never worked out. She knows time isn’t really on her side so is trying to convince David it’s now or never,” the source said.

And if Victoria won’t be blessed with another child, she would open to be a grandmother.
She thought that she isn’t old enough to become a grandmother. But she’s had a change of core recently particularly since her eldest child, Brooklyn Beckham will soon tie the knot.

In the interim, the source stated that Victoria could be a grandmother of two instead of just one.
Because, as per rumors, his second son Romeo will get engaged to his girlfriend soon.

A source claimed that Romeo is so much in his love for his girlfriend. And he previously asked consent from his parents if he could propose to her.

Luckily, his parents allegedly allowed him to propose to Mia Regan before 2021 ends.

“He’s thinking about asking Mia on her birthday in November. The thought of Romeo leaving home to settle down at the same time as Brooklyn makes her sad. David has assured her she’s not losing her sons but gaining two daughters,” the source said.

As of late, Victoria has not spoken of any wish to have more kids. And it’s doubtful for her and David to be trying for another baby.

The tabloid is just taking risks on the leeway after far-sighted how happy the fashion tycoon is while carrying her friend’s child.

The facts are not collected that David and Victoria’s son, Romeo is previously planning to propose to his girlfriend. After all, Romeo is still very young.

Next year, the couple’s son, Brooklyn is scheduled to tie the knot. So, it is confirmed that they would be busy with the wedding. So, they are too busy to plan a baby now. And it’s also not the right time for Romeo to propose to his 18-year-old girlfriend.

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