‘Good moos’: Cow that escaped from slaughterhouse saved by songwriter

One of the cows that escaped a slaughterhouse and ran wild in a California suburb this week is off to greener pastures — thanks to Grammy-winning songwriter Diane Warren.

The ‘moo-sician’ stepped up to save the animal, which had been the last to evade capture from the herd that busted out of a Pico Rivera meatpacking plant on Tuesday evening.

“This isn’t my first cow I’ve saved. But this feels like a special cow. Because this was that one,” Warren told the Associated Press. “So it’s almost like she represents all cows wanting to be free.”

The lone cow was spotted Thursday morning — about five miles from Manning Beef, where it and 40 others had escaped through a gate that was accidentally left open, CBSLA reported.

The Black Angus ran in circles on a busy boulevard for about two hours before Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies were finally able to corner it with their cruisers.

Two wranglers even lassoed the rogue animal during the capture, but it ended up knocking down and kicking one of them.

City Manager Steve Carmona said Warren had offered to pay for the cow to be sent to the Farm Sanctuary, thereby saving its life. He said the transfer was dependent on a health check from the state agriculture department.

On the night of the breakout, Warren had tweeted, “This breaks my f–ing heart. These poor babies escaping for their lives. They know their fate. How cruel human beings are.”

A vegetarian for 23 years, Warren — who wrote the LeAnn Rimes hit “How Do I Live” and won a Grammy for “Because You Loved Me” from the 1996 film “Up Close and Personal” — said she was moved by the cow’s spirited escape.

“This morning, I woke up and I saw there was one cow that hadn’t been caught yet — and they’re trying to catch her and getting close to her. I saw her crying out and I couldn’t unsee that,” she told the AP.

Most of the other cows had been rounded up with the help of local herders and sent back to the plant by Wednesday morning.

One cow was shot and killed by deputies after it charged at a family of four, leaving them with minor injuries, local report said.

“This whole thing, it’s so heartbreaking,” Warren said. “Right now, I’m calling it a good moos. A little good moos when there’s so much stuff that isn’t good news. So that was just a little bright spot today.”

Animal rights activists planned a vigil outside the slaughterhouse on Thursday evening to call for the other cows to also be saved from the chopping block.

Source: nypost

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